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Aaron Sexhart
Aaron Eckhart's Chin Cleft
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Fans of the Almighty Chin: Aaron Eckhart

Coming in peace to rock your world and perhaps bring the lulz.

This fellow believes in Harvey Dent ...

... and so does your mom.

Can you resist these pleading eyes?

Okay, okay, we won't make fun of you for watching "No Reservations" multiple times. Maybe.


This should be enough to argue in favor of joining this wonderful community.

As of right now, there are no rules. Post any Aaron Eckhart-related pictures, news, interviews, icons, fan art, .gifs, image macros, etc. Never fear to bring the lulz. Pic-spam is ALWAYS welcome, even if the pictures are old. Trust us, there are a million ways to say "Do me". Just be nice and Eckhartly in your ways to others.
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